Flexible, Robust Transportation Management

Information technology is becoming an important channel for logistics. Having the proper tools and information available on time can be lucrative for our partners. Our customers will benefit from World Wide Logistics’ sophisticated technology that is able to analyze data and instantly optimize the marketplace. Our Real Time software provides our clients with the ability to track individual shipments, transfer shipment-level data to their financial management systems and create customized dashboards and reports detailing carrier activity on an enterprise-wide basis. These features provide our clients with greater visibility, business analytics and control of their freight expenditures.

Customized Solutions for Logistics

Our Real Time technology platform allows us to analyze our clients’ transportation requirements and provide customized solutions that result in cost savings. Using pricing, service and available capacity data derived from our carrier network, historical transaction information and external market sources, we are able to analyze the capabilities of our carrier network to recommend cost-effective shipping solutions. Our clients can communicate their transportation needs to us electronically through our World Wide Logistics web portal, computer protocols, or by phone. Our account executives leverage our Real Time technology platform to manage all aspects of the shipping process.

Customized Solutions for Modern Tech and Communications

 Transform your business with our Customized Solutions for Modern Tech and Communications! Elevate your operations to new heights by
harnessing the power of tailored innovations. Seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology and advanced communication strategies, our
solutions are designed to optimize your effciency and stay ahead in the dynamic digital landscape. Whether it’s network integration,
wireless technology, or satellite communications, we craft bespoke solutions to suit your unique needs. Upgrade to a future-ready business
with our innovative approach – where your success meets modern technology.

Tracking & Reporting Suite

As part of our value proposition, we provide a shipment tracking and reporting suite so that our clients can receive real-time updates on
how soon their goods will be delivered to their fnal destination. In addition to tracking shipments our technology platform delivers
customized data and reports throughout the lifecycle of the shipment. This allows transparency between our company and our clients, and
additionally provides us with the ability to identify opportunities for cost saving on their behalf.

Our Tracking Partner